The Boogey Man seems to be enjoying himself and taking in even more sights around El Chuco. Earlier this month, El Pasoans were delighted to see an iconic horror movie villain making his way around to historic and familiar El Paso landmarks. El Paso photographer Steven Flores came up with the idea for the photoshoot and started taking pictures with a Michael Myer's lookalike after getting the idea back in 2020. Due to the pandemic, he wasn't able to go through with the photoshoot until this year.

He started releasing his photos at the beginning of the month and we showed you some of the El Paso sites Myers visited like Bowie Bakery, Scenic Drive, UTEP, and more. Now, the month is coming to a close and we have even more gorgeous shots of the sinister slasher around town.

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The pictures have become a hit online, with plenty of shares and local accounts posting the photos, like our very own FitFam. In this second batch of photos, Myers is seen heading down to under the spaghetti bowl to visit Lincoln Park and over at the haunted El Paso High School. Michael Myers also took a stroll downtown to San Jacinto Plaza, the Southwest University Ballpark, El Paso Museum of Art, and the Plaza Theater. And since seeing the sights can get you a little hungry and thirsty, he stopped in at Big Juan for a massive burrito and at Viejo Coffee for an afternoon pick me up.

Check out the photos below and see all the places Michael Myers has been around town. You can follow Stephen Flores Photography on Instagram.


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