We all knew that reopening the schools wasn't going to be easy, but it looks like EPISD just made it a bit more difficult. They just made an announcement on Facebook about their plan to reopen and get kids back in school. Directly from their Facebook page:

ATTENTION PARENTS & STUDENTS: EPISD today announced its in-person instruction timeline. The District will begin welcoming students who wish face-to-face instruction starting on Oct. 1.

That doesn't seem too terrible, right? We all knew they were working on a plan to potentially reopen the schools. Well, apparently they didn't let their employees, IE - the teachers, what they were going to do. There are multiple comments from teachers on this post calling out EPISD for posting this information on social media before informing the teachers.

I thought about giving some examples of the conversation in this article, but there's just too many and it's only increasing. I would recommend you head on over to the EPISD Facebook page and check it out by CLICKING HERE.

What are my thoughts on this? I'm not quite sure. It seems rather bogus that EPISD would post a big announcement like this on Facebook before informing the teachers. It feels like this information was dumped out there after a decision was made without the input of the teachers. Don't we teach out kids that they should take other people into account when making decisions? That's a pretty big part of the learning process and growing into a mature adult. It doesn't seem EPISD did this when it came to the teachers. I could be wrong, but that's just my gut reaction.

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