Love Meat? Love Christmas? Well I got the perfect Christmas ideas for you!

Epic Meal Time creates liquor infused and bacon covered mega meals all throughout the year. During the holidays they don't make any exceptions. If you rather have bacon over cookies, you should really try these ideas but be warned you might have a heart attack.

This video shows the Sauce Boss and crew making a slaughterhouse instead of a traditional gingerbread. Steak walls, ham doors and mashed potato bacon snow! What wouldn't you love about this holiday treat?


Bacon and burgers as Christmas tree ornaments and bottles of liquor as presents is a new tradition I think we should all start! Let us watch and learn the proper way to decorate a Christmas tree.


Impress your guests with these Christmas meals and make the vegetarians and vegans you know come back to the dark side.

I really love these guys! They are hilarious and who doesn't love men that can cook? If you try these ideas let me know!

Still need some gifts? Well these guys have released their own cookbook containing more bacon and liquor crazy meals and a set of cookware.