Oh, what would I do without you FitFamEP? If you've been on Facebook or FitFamEP lately, which of course you have, then you may have noticed a video making the rounds on social media where a man claims to have been served a raw chicken sandwich. Manny Ogas, Jr. posted the video on Monday and claims it happened to his nephew at The Shack Wings & Brew located at 3021 McRae.

We can assume that the one talking in the video is Ogas' nephew, who claims he did talk to a manager and asked for his money back. According to the man in the video, he was asked to take the sandwich back. The man then claims that they didn't want to give him his money back and that he was then asked to send in a video or a picture. But then the guy claims that he didn't want to do any of that and instead decided to post it on Facebook.

The video, which at the time of this writing, has over 53K views, has gotten mixed reactions from El Pasoans. Many are of course disgusted. Many think the man should have returned it to the restaurant rather than post it on Facebook. This of course has prompted many to flood The Shack Wings & Brews Facebook page with negative comments. The Shack Wings & Brew have responded to many comments and officially released a statement through their Facebook page: