Another glorious moment for El Paso to shine on Live PD! In this clip, we see a man acting weird, but then making an even weirder snack before going to jail. The El Paso moments on Live PD are quickly becoming some of the internet's favorite moments. It may be our corlorful language, interesting scenarios we always seem to be in or just the people who live in the Sun City. Whatever the reason behind the fascination with El Paso, it seems that Live PD is putting our officers and people in the public eye.

In this WTF moment from the show, a guy has been going to a gas station at the same time every night and acting erratically. The things he says are weird but the snack he decides to make himself is confusing people all over the internet. Flamin' Hot Cheetos with nacho sauce is a school kid and drunk person's go-to snack, but soy sauce?! This gentleman lost us right there. Check out the video above to see the completely unrelated reason he was arrested. Also, find out the most important detail, whether or not he got to eat his Cheetos before he went.

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