If you're a hiker or you just love being outdoors, there's a magic of basking in the beauty & fresh air while pushing yourself on a difficult rocky trail. But the reward... is well worth it.

If you're looking for some particular hiking trails or spots to check out in El Paso; thanks to the part that we're located in the desert, there's many to choose from.

The El Paso Hiking YouTube channel posted videos on quite a few different hiking trails you can experience in El Paso:

You have the Palisades Canyon Loop that's close to UTEP

You've got the Franklin Mountains.

Or if you want a REAL challenge, there's the Ron Coleman Trail. (according to the channel of course)

But there's plenty more to experience; other spots you can enjoy are the Tin Man Trails. A lot of people have shared their hiking videos online,

Tin Mines Trail
Brian Stephens

Of course the Franklin Mountains are a hot spot of locations like the Aztec Cave,

You also have the Thousand Steps Trail & the Ranger Peak Loop Trail.

Some other various trails that are found around the mountains (thanks to BAMBAM Ricky for the footage)

Or perhaps you just wanted to enjoy the Mountains themselves...

But the Franklin Mountains aren't the only spot you can hike in El Paso. Just off of Redd, you have the Lost Dog Trails.

You've got the hiking trail that leads you all the way up to Mt Cristo Rey

And of course we couldn't leave out Hueco Tanks...

One final trail I wanted to mention was the B-36 Crash Hike; the hiking trail that leads up to the crash site of a plane crash that happened in the 1950s. You can learn all about the story right HERE.

Happy Trails! (Get it?)

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