There is a party most of us once enjoyed during our youth that is making a comeback to a water park in El Paso.

The first time I attended a foam party happened to be outside of the United States.

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Me, my sister, and our friends drove across the bridge to party it up in Ciudad Juarez. It was then in 2004 when I had checked out my first foam party at Esfinge which was in the middle of Juarez.

At 19, I definitely enjoyed that foam party in Juarez with my sister and friends and had hoped to enjoy it again.

Well, there is a foam party that is going down this Friday, June 17 that you won't want to miss out on.

If you have never got to experience a foam party make sure you pencil in the time to check it out. Your next time to enjoy another or your first foam party will actually be this Friday evening.

Plus, there will be more to enjoy as well besides the foam party that's going down at Lost Kingdom Water Park.

You can enjoy plenty of other activities that are guaranteed to entertain for a family-friendly outing.

Your kids might enjoy a summer vacation kick-off at a family-friendly foam party from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Now a neon foam party sounds like a blast from the past to me and know my kids would enjoy it too.

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