The Texas Civil War Museum, an iconic fixture of Fort Worth's cultural scene, is set to close its doors on December 30, 2023.

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After serving as a unique place for American history for the past 16 years, the retirement of owners Ray and Judy Richey is drawing the curtains on a really remarkable museum.

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The institution is the most extensive Civil War museum west of the Mississippi and home to an impressive collection of over 5,000 artifacts.

The collection, worth an eye-popping $15-$20 million, includes some rare items like the presentation sword of Ulysses S. Grant and the dress uniform of Benjamin Butler.

The museum also exhibits Victorian-era dresses, including one by Winston Churchill's mother.

The meticulous design of the museum sees Union and Confederate artifacts separately exhibited on the NORTH and SOUTH walls.

Get it?

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The Richeys’ dedication to the museum was once dubbed a "hobby that got out of hand."

With the closure, the Richey collection will find its new home through an auction managed by The Horse Soldier Auctions in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

At the same time, the artifacts of the Texas United Daughters of the Confederacy will be relocated and partially loaned to other museums.

Recognizing the Richeys' contribution, Texas historian Don Frazier applauded their contribution to history.

As we say goodbye to the Texas Civil War Museum, we never have to say goodbye to the influence it's had on all of its visitors.

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