"What the Buzz" is back! You can hear our new episode, "Back in the Office" wherever you get your podcasts like Spotify, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Google Podcasts and Breaker. Since the start of the pandemic, Emily has been working from home. I've still be coming into what looks like an abandoned office, every day. After approval from the bosses at our company, some of the staff has started coming back into the office- safely of course. We abide by a set of rules that ensure we're not putting our coworkers in danger- we wear a mask when walking around and try to maintain a distance between us.

This means that Emily can be spotted around the office on certain days at certain hours. I was lucky enough to steal Emily on one of those days and we finally got to record a new episode! In this new episode we discuss my Lysol adventures. We also discuss my recent vacation. At the behest of my boss, I took a vacation and decided to social distance in the woods of Ruidoso. Upon returning though, I forgot how to do my job.

Unfortunately, Emily has not been able to take a vacation- so she's been working nonstop during this pandemic. Emily also gives us an update on her now defunct wedding and what she plans to do. As usual, we discuss horror movies, and our new favorite hangout place- Coffee House of Hel- and also have an interruption from Mr. Buzz Adams himself.

Check out the new episode, "Back in the Office" wherever you get your podcasts!

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