In November of last year, the first dueling piano opened in El Paso. Elton’s Dueling Pianos was a big hit in town, but recently they mad an announcement that saddened so many.

Elton's Dueling Pianos in El Paso, Texas
Elton's Dueling Pianos via Facebook

On their social media, Elton's Dueling Pianos announced that they would be closing their doors.

Many wondered if Elton's meant that they would be changing locations, but unfortunately they did mean that they were closing down. When asked when they would be closing, Elton's responded saying new year's eve would be their final show. 

Elton's seemed to be a big hit, and earlier this year, Buzz deemed it the "most fun night out" at Union Plaza. Buzz NEVER goes out, so for him to say that this was a fun time was a big deal! Especially because their biggest attraction is that there be audience participation!

And the fact that Buzz even got up on stage and participated was enough for hell to freeze over!

When asked on social media why they decided to close their doors- Elton's responded:

Unfortunately, El Paso did not support the concept. we tried! But without support, we have no other choice but to close.

Which only confused El Pasoans more because it seemed like it was packed almost every night it was open!

You can make your reservations to the final shows here.

I have to admit, I haven't gotten the chance to check out Elton's, but now that I know they'll be closing, I'm sure to make my reservation soon because I'm certain that they will be packed for the final shows!

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