El Pollo Loco will soon be making a return to El Paso!

“We are excited to grow our footprint and bring El Pollo Loco’s signature chicken, handcrafted Mexican entrees and assortment of healthy offerings to new communities."

This according to El Pollo Loco’s Chief Development Officer Brian Carmichall.

According to the El Paso Herald Post, the Southern California-based chain which already has 31 restaurants operating across the state, plans to open 3-4 locations in El Paso over the next few years- super exciting.

I know I'm not crazy when I say that El Paso used to have an El Pollo Loco, right? It feels like forever ago, but I for sure know we had at least one! I'm not entirely sure why it didn't make it here, but we lost it. Which is a shame because El Pollo Loco is delicious- it's usually a must go-to when my family and I visit California.

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I know we have great alternatives here for El Pollo Loco, like Don Carbon and El Pollo Feliz (which is actually my favorite!) but El Pollo Loco is actually pretty darn good.

With all that being said, I think it's also time that another great California based fast-food place: DEL. TACO.

I believe that El Paso totally needs a Del Taco! Del Taco is delicious! It's always a must after concerts when I go to Albuquerque or Phoenix. Only recently I discovered that there was one in Alamogordo,  so that's usually the first stop on the way to Ruidoso.

Just like El Pollo Loco, El Paso used to have one. This one I remember vividly because I was in high school! A Starbucks now stands where it used to be. I don't know why it didn't make it in El Paso either, but those .25 cent tacos were the bomb when I was in high school.

So, with El Paso getting so many great options, why not throw Del Taco on top of them?

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