Only the Covid-19 pandemic can put a damper on our holiday spirits. Once this pandemic is over some of us are going to be celebrating the holidays we missed out on in 2020.

Another holiday that is soon approaching is Thanksgiving Day and it isn't going to be the same. Some El Pasoans (including me) are breaking their typical Thanksgiving tradition because of the pandemic.

Since large gatherings are prohibited right now just means no attendance allowed at Oscar Leeser's Hyundai of El Paso Sun Bowl Parade this year. Hopefully, everyone understands why this year the parade has to go virtual.

One El Paso Thanksgiving tradition that won't be the same this year will be a good thing for everyone. Some families and friends tend to enjoy a liquid breakfast/lunch during the Thanksgiving Day parade.

I remember certain relatives in my family who enjoyed their liquid meal before enjoying a solid feast. I am not embarrassed to admit that because I saw other strangers doing the same thing.

Luckily, some of my family members and friends of the family stayed sober and would give the intoxicated bodies a lift home. Despite the Thanksgiving Day parade being virtual this year, hopefully, means a safer Thanksgiving with no DWI's so early in the day.

If you do plan on enjoying more than a few adult beverages please make sure you have a designated driver or just stay home. Leave your vote below if you ever got tipsy at the Thanksgiving Day parade. Don't go hopping from family to family and having large family gatherings this Thanksgiving, stay home and stay safe.

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