Montana Avenue is heading for some big changes. And, just what Eastsiders needed, here comes more construction ...

A new Texas Department Of Transportation project is about to drop almost $400 million changing Montana Avenue from a 4 lane roadway into a 6 lane freeway with frontage roads and everything. The upgrade will run from the Global Reach/Yarborough area all the way to Zaragosa. The work will ease traffic as the avenue grows from handling 40,000 vehicles a day to around 100,000 vehicles daily over the next 20 years according to the El Paso Herald-Post.

The new design will also create a "mini" spaghetti bowl at the Loop 375 interchange, create bus stops along Montana to allow the Sun Metro Brio project to begin running there and also incorporate pedestrian and bicycle paths.  The work will be done in phases with the first phase, the stretch from Global Reach/Yarborough to Tierra Este,  expected to be finished in 2022.

Heads up Eastside ... the orange barrel invasion continues!

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