You know Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving where, having given thanks for all we have, we attack each other trying to get more.  There is another ...

I'm talking about the day after Valentines Day, which this year happens to be a Friday. I'm not sure what to call it though. Valentines Day colors seem to be mostly red so, maybe "Purple Friday"??  No matter what weekday it falls on though, the day after Valentines Day is the quieter, friendlier counterpart to Black Friday.

The behavior isn't quite as extreme and neither are the deals.  No $10 toasters or super cheap, gigantic TV's. But you can really clean up on stuffed animals, semi-wilted flowers and bags upon bags of candy. All 50% off!!

Some even cheaper!  So, slap on the new jewelry or splash on the new cologne you get today and head for the dollar store tomorrow friends and lovers. The savings start early!!

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