If there's one politician you can thank for any movement in the decriminalization of marijuana, it's El Paso's Joe Moody. He continues to fight the good fight. He's even getting recognition from across the state for his work. Someone over on Reddit recently posted this about Joe.

Joe Moody - Savior of Delta 8

I do not live in El Paso, but I want to say that rep Joe Moody is one of the few people in this state that is willing to fight for the people of Texas when it comes to meaningful cannabis reform.

He was able to remove language from a bill today in committee that would have banned delta 8 products and severely damaged the hemp industry in Texas.

HOWEVER - the fight for Delta 8 is not over yet. There is still 1 bill remaining with the same language added to it (HB3498). We are waiting to hear if the D8 language will be removed from that one as well. If you care about Delta 8, please contact your reps and let them know where you stand.

I just wanted to say that I will be donating to Rep Moody, and if you appreciate meaningful cannabis reform in Texas, you should as well.

(Delta 8 is the closest thing we have to legal cannabis in Texas. People with chronic pain, PTSD, and even opioid addiction are able to use it as natural relief. It is a non-synthetic, naturally occurring cannabinoid that is created from CBD and Hemp)

Compared to the rest of the country, Texas is way behind when it comes to marijuana. Despite the fact that polls continue to show approval of the decriminalization of marijuana, Texas is stuck in the past, demonizing marijuana.

Moody recently had a bill fall just short of landing on the Governor's desk that would have lowered the penalties for possession of THC products. So now comes the big question. Which will come first? Texas decriminalizing marijuana or the Federal Government decriminalizing marijuana. I see this issue as very similar to gay marriage. There's really no reason for it to remain illegal, except that there are people who live in the stone age and will forever refuse to admit they've been wrong about this all along. Although, you could also look at this way. It's actually just used by the right side of the political spectrum to get votes. Which seems odd, since most of the country is pro-decriminalization in some way, shape or form.


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