Whether you agree or disagree with these demolitions, they're coming.  Here's a few things you should know!

There will be LOTS of detours and road closures, so we'll start with them.

Beginning at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow (4/13/13) morning, West Paisano Drive will be closed from Executive Center Boulevard to Ruhlen Court.

Executive Center will be closed from Paisano Drive to Rio Bravo Street.

About 15 minutes before the explosion, Interstate 10 east  between Executive Center and Schuster Avenue, will be closed.  Traffic will be diverted to N. Mesa.  According to the E. P. Times, 

(Around the same time, I-10 west will be closed from Downtown to Sunland Park Drive.)

Paisano will be closed from Downtown (Santa Fe Street and Ruhlen Court) to Sunland Park Drive starting at 4 a.m. Saturday.

If you ride the bus, be ready for delas and detours tomorrow (4/13).

Routes 18 and 83 will be detoured until about 10 a.m.  (Two bus stops near Paisano and Racetrack will be bypassed completely during this detour.)

There will be delays (potentially HUGE delays) for bus routes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20, 34, 83 and 204.

At approximately 9 a.m. Sunday (4/14/13) City Hall comes down.

At 8am, I-10 will be closed from Downtown to Executive Center Boulevard.

Pretty much every street near or around City Hall will be closed according to The El Paso Times:

Franklin Avenue at North Oregon street (by the Main Library).

Main Drive at El Paso Street (by the Greyhound maintenance station and behind the Mills Plaza Garage).

Santa Fe at Sheldon Court (between the El Paso Museum of Art and the Camino Real Hotel).

Santa Fe at San Antonio Avenue (by the Greyhound bus station).

San Francisco Avenue at Anthony Street (by the Union Depot).

Franklin at Coldwell Street (by the Old San Francisco Historic District).

LOTS of bus routes affected on this one.

On both days, some areas will remain closed beyond the actual explosions while they are checked for damage.

Photo by Joern Haufe/Getty Images
Photo by Joern Haufe/Getty Images

Want a place to watch??  (Remember, the closer you are, the more careful you're going to have to be to avoid breathing in all the dust and crap these blasts are going to kick up!)

Parking along I-10 is pretty much out and reservations to go up the Wyler Aerial Tramway were sold out quite awhile back.

UTEP spokeswoman Veronique Masterson said on campus "it will be business as usual".  Parking lots on the UTEP campus will be open.  The one on Sun Bowl Drive seems like the best bet!! (Get there way early though!!)

Scenic Drive will be closed to traffic Sunday morning (as it is EVERY Sunday morning) from 6 a. m. 'til 11 a. m.

Tom Lea Park on Schuster would be an AWESOME place to catch City Hall go down.

Just a couple of suggestions, anyone else got any good ones??  Post yours below or on The Q facebook page!!

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