Your funny tio or the practical joker in the family is going to be very happy because the sign ups for El Paso's Funniest 2021 Comedy Challenge are now open!

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As a young comic starting out in the El Paso open mic scene eventually you get to the point where you want to prove your mettle. That's why God invented comedy contests!



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They're generally all the same with slight variations. Comics sign up, everybody gets 2 to 5 minutes, and are judged by either by the audience, or a panel of judges, or some combination.

Prizes for winning a comedy contest can range anywhere from a free appetizer to $2,000 and a paying booked gig, maybe. The biggest thing a comedy contest does is get a comedian in front of some eyeballs, and maybe someone who wants to book them. Most working comics don't have a lot of currency in the form of actual money, it's usually their skills on stage, their skills promoting themselves, and their skills at making friends that they have at their disposal.



If you know someone funny or think you're funny then prove it at this years 'El Paso's Funniest 2021 Comedy Challenge'! This year it's a post-pandemic celebration of the funniest El Paso denizens. And sign ups for this year's contest are now open!

"Laughterhours Comedy, the premier producer of comedy events in the southwest, is proud to present El Paso's Funniest Comedy Challenge 2021, with a $300 CASH prize for 1st Place! The contest will be held at El Paso's Comic Strip Comedy Club on Thursday, November 11 at 7:30 pm. The winner will be decided by judges & audience votes. Tickets for the show are available for $15 at the door or pre-sale on the Comic Strip website. The contest is open to all comedy performers around the area. Comedians wishing to signup can do so by visiting us online at and filling out the registration form."




I've competed in every ep's funniest for the past 7 years and have never won. I've always placed in the top three, but that doesn't mean I don't love supporting them. And if you're like me then you're in luck because this annual prestigious comedy contest of the El Paso funniest is happening soon and you can show your support by showing up. And registration is open to anyone who thinks they're hilarious. Spots are limited so don't lose any time!


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