Valentine's Day is right around the corner and a lot of significant others like to be wined and dined. The weather in El Paso is expected to be extremely cold during Valentine's Day. El Paso may see some snow showers which means people with reservations will have to dress really really warm. Now some dates really like to pamper the heck out of their significant other particularly on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is the busiest time usually for fine dining restaurants in El Paso. If you don't make reservations ahead of time then be ready to slave over a hot stove. There are people who are gifted that can cook up quite a specialty on a special day for special someone. Usually, when you try to aim at cooking something as tasty from a fine dining restaurant can be quite the competition.

Now if you want the best of the best in El Paso you have to plan ahead. Sometimes you even have to jump the gun when making reservations at El Paso's finest restaurants. Those classy restaurants fill their reservations up pretty quick as Valentine's Day nears. The restaurants I consider classy are Anson Eleven, Mesa Street Grill, Cattleman's Steakhouse, and Cafe Central. Those places have the food and drinks that are worth every single penny you spend. Not only is the food amazing but the atmosphere you're surrounded by in those places sets the mood big time. Also, the view that these places offer will score you extra brownie points with your Valentine's date.

If you want to blow your date away and give them a real romantic date, hopefully, you have reservations at one of these fancy and romantic spots. Sure, the list of El Paso's finest restaurants may cost an arm and a leg but the experience you will have will be worth every penny. Let me know which restaurant you consider El Paso's finest to be wined and dined in the poll below.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Cattleman's Steakhouse

    This place is a great place for a date on Valentine's Day or any other day. But on Valentine's Day, everything from just going to eat there is great. The drive gives you quite some time to talk and enjoy the long mini road trip. Despite the food being amazing the view and setting are quite lovely. Plus after dinner, you can take a little stroll around and enjoy the beautiful view.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Mesa Street Grill

    Mesa Street Grill is fancy and classy. They're the place you can order like a kid (their Macaroni and cheese with crab) but still look sophisticated. The fact that Mesa Street Grill is on a fairly high hill, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from their patio area that is romantically lit.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Cafe Central

    Cafe Central is the place that has you feeling like you're eating at a restaurant in Paris. Cafe Central puts a special menu together for the day that is meant and all about love, Valentine's Day. From the romantic lighting inside to the piano music playing in the background makes it special. Your surroundings inside Cafe Central will have you feeling like a million bucks.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Anson Eleven

    If you want a view of lights and San Jacinto Plaza Anson Eleven is your place. Either part of Anson Eleven you dine at (the top or bottom) has a marvelous site. The top part of Anson Eleven is a more formal dining area and the lower level is more like casual dining. But the views from either are worth every penny you spend there.