A rockstar's power stance is a phenomenal view from the crowd. During Metallica's Don Haskins concert, James Hetfield hit his power stance multiple times and looked kickass doing it. I couldn't help but think about the possibility of someone just climbing up through his legs in an attempt to rush the stage. It didn't happen but I did manage to capture a photo of his stance that will forever be burned into my mind.

Such an icon stance needed some creative memes, so we asked El Pasoans to tell us what they could fit between James Hetfield's legs. Of course, our fans didn't disappoint. They were kind of mean to us but we are used to it.

To kick off the memes, Facebook user Rober Argumaniz used some editing for his meme. Winnie the Pooh's emo friend Eeyore seems to be James' new ride. We is appropriate because he is in El Paso.

Robert Argumaniz via Facebook

El Paso's believe Chico's Tacos is so tasty you can't just order one order, you have to order a Hetfield's power stance amount. Which equals to about four.

Rei Toonz Lujan via Facebook

I wouldn't of thought it could happen but it seems we could fit the whole Buzz Adams Morning Show crew in a tight spot together.

Carlos Castanon via Facebook

Lisa's adorable pooch Tubby maybe be CHONKY be he isn't that chunky to fit in-between James' legs.

Jennifer Gonzalez via Facebook

One woman was very daring to say she is probably short enough to fit in his stance is she lays down. I feel some other full grown El Pasoans just might fit in there with her.

Melissa Romo via Facebook

A few people still had some funny ones they didn't make in to memes, but they are still just as funny. Anyone cracking jokes about Buzz's head and our Halloween parade usually get a chuckle out of us.


The disappointment could totally be felt from some big fans who were let down by Metallica's set list.

I agree, Jerry. Possibly one lane might fit in that leg gap and that would still be more than what we usually see.

Teresa is thinking like most James Hetfield obsessed fans. They want to get as close as possible. Even if it means setting up camp in-between his legs.

Thank you Metallica for giving us a night we won't forget and a meme we are happy came from the event.