On Saturday night, El Paso Comic Con (EPCON) announced that Eddie Griffin would be hosting their new spring convention, El Paso In Comics (EPIC), happening on March 7th-9th. After this announcement was made, fans were quick to called out EPCON about Griffin's appearance.

EPCON has been in controversial situations in the past years, so this year is no different. Fans of the convention started questioning the announcement on EPCON's Facebook. KVIA reached out to Ana Flagella, president and CFO of Front of the Bus Inc. which books Griffin's appearances and she responded, "No he will not be in El Paso. That is a lie." In a second email Flagella confirmed Griffin, "will be in London until the 10th."

Julian Lawler, founder and promoter of EPCON told KVIA that "Griffin is scheduled to be here March 8 and 9. As of the Monday morning, EPCON posted on their Facebook about the controversy surrounding their convention, "Considering today's drama over the Eddie Griffin announcement, we're going to take his image off the FB page." They had announced Griffin's appearance by posting a picture of him with the EPIC information, which has been removed.


I wish EPCON the best and have supported them through the years but I was heart broken last year when Michael Rooker, Merle on The Walking Dead, didn't show up. I was also looking forward to Mackenzie Moore, host of Syfy's Face Off, back in 2012 but she wasn't able to appear. I have talked to so many people who work with EPCON, just to find out when I would get the shirt I was promised for buying my tickets early, back in September 2013 and I still have not received it. All fans can do is wait and hope for the best.