There is no shortage of great street tacos here in the El Paso area.  If you want to enjoy some at home ... with minimal effort ... keep reading.

From restaurants, to food trucks, to homemade ... street tacos rock.  Many who prefer homemade must go without though because they:

  • Don't know how to cook.
  • Don't have all the necessary ingredients.
  • Don't want to do all the prep work.
  • Don't want to deal with the cleanup.

Costco just eliminated all those excuses.  They cut the shopping to "one stop - one item", eliminated the prep work and cut the cleanup down to just a couple of dishes.  Ladies and Gents, welcome the street taco kit!!  Everything you need in one convenient package for about $16.  Cheap AND easy!

If you prefer them from a restaurant, try some of these.  If you want homemade ... and like doing all that work ... try some of these recipes.

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