We all get a kick out of horror flicks, scary stories, and most of all haunted places. Hell, even some people prefer living in a haunted place. Then you have others who won't stand to live but rather visit where paranormal activity hapens.

Now the worst kind of surprise is to come across something beyond creepy in your own home. Not all enjoy discovering their home sweet home is a nightmare. At least that is how it was for one El Paso woman.

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Karina Wilson has felt uneasy about her latest discovery in her home. She wanted some recommendations of priests who can bless her home. Luckily, a lot of people on Facebook offered a lot of suggestions.

But the pictures you will see below will freak you out. Karina Wilson shared one picture of what seems to be a dark entity. Now if you can't see the dark entity for yourself, she even helps you see it too.

Karina Wilson doodled a face on the exact picture to assist your eyes. If you see what she saw, can you imagine her fear? It freaked me the hell out when I zoomed in the picture without her pencil edit.

The dark entity she captured on camera seems similar to the evil spirit in the movie The Nun. It is no surprise she decided to ask a Facebook group for some help about getting her home blessed. In fact, that was the right move to pull after seeing her pictures. Hopefully, she and her family got their home blessed and won't encounter another freaky image again.

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