Dating is rough, and being exes with someone is even more rough.

Everyone has exes. Sometimes you have an ex that makes you happy they're in the past, and other times- well your ex makes you wish things had worked out.

But today we're not here to talk about the one who got away, we're here to talk about the ones we're happy finally cut the cord with you!

I took to Facebook to ask our faithful followers, even the ones who clearly don't want to be there, and asked them "if your ex was a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would they be?".

Of course, our faithful followers didn't let me down. This time, though, you guys came ready with some answers I didn't even think were possible.

While I expected the basic answers of like "soggy" or "old" sandwiches, you all went the extra mile and gave me some brutal answers! Some will make you laugh, and others will have you agreeing! Here are 20 ways you all described your ex as a sandwich!

Exes Described as Sandwiches

If I had to describe my ex? Well, I would also probably go with what I deemed my favorite response:

The kind of sandwich you leave in the fridge at work and everyone takes a bite of even though you clearly wrote your name on it.

I don't like sharing, and if my name is on that sandwich that means it's mine! But then again, the sandwich was offering bites to everyone, so who was the idiot sandwich here? But I digress.

Also, the Gordon Ramsey answer will never not be funny.

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