Playing the same board games can get old after all this time at home. One El Paso woman hilariously changed her old board game into a fun tribute to Bravo TV.

While people are sheltering-at-home, board games have seen a rise in popularity for many. Families are finding these old games they've had gathering dust somewhere in a closet and bringing them out to pass the time. After a while of playing the same old games, you may get bored with them. Problem is, many game companies are reporting record-breaking sales which are making many classic board games hard to find. According to USA Today, Monopoly game-maker Hasbro says they have seen their games in high demand since March and many stores have seen these games sold out. These situations may lead to many families or groups quarantining together to have to continue playing the same games. One El Pasoan decided to take her boring, old Guess Who game and turn it into a fun, new game that showed off her love of Bravo reality television show.

Check out this amazing Guess Who game she created that features stars from various Bravo TV reality shows. She caption the photo on social media saying she challenged anyone to come and play with her:

"Tonight's quarantine DIY. Hit me up if you want to play Bravo Guess Who, but you better come with your A game. 'Can your person hang a tv in 7 minutes? Does your person look like a bambi-eyed b*tch?!"

No word on whether or not anyone has been brave enough to challenge her to a game. If I was a gambling person, I would still put my money on her winning against anyone playing this version of the game.

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