Joel Aguilera currently lives in San Antonio but he calls the Sun City his home. My wife has known him for many years, performing for Viva El Paso and El Paso Dinner Theater.

Aguilera started feeling ill this past spring. Aguilera spoke with KTSM and said:

I had bloating and shortness of breath and we thought it was COVID-19 and they told me I had pneumonia.

Well, it was far worse than that. It was on his 37th birthday that Aguilera was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Here is how that situation can somehow get even worse. Since we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aguilera isn't able to work. He's a hair stylist, and with the cancer diagnosis, he's considered high risk because of his compromised immune system. This means he doesn't have insurance, and the medication he needs is very pricey.

This is Aguilera in his own words talking about his situation:

My name is Joel Aguilera. I am 37 years old, I come from a beautiful Hispanic family, and I am born and raised in El Paso, TX. I am a proudly multifaceted man, who has always found a great passion and devotion for the fine arts. I have had the privilege of participating in multiple plays acting and singing. I studied classical voice and music at the University of North Texas. I also have studies in classical dance, such as Ballet. I really enjoy painting and have had the opportunity to work as a professional makeup artist in different work environments.

At the moment, I find myself in a very difficult situation fighting for my life. This disease has meant a cross, which I have to carry day by day and has challenged me in all aspects of life, both physically and spiritually and emotionally.

I thank God daily for all the great blessings I have in my life and I face problems with a positive attitude. My goal in the future is to support people who are in circumstances similar to mine, and all people who need a helping hand to cope with any illness, whether physical or mental. I would like to show people that as long as there is life, there will be hope and that they do not let their guard down for any reason.

I wish with all my heart to stand on a stage again, dance, sing, act and make my audience smile. Thank you with all my heart to all the people for their donations and their prayers.

I will always live eternally grateful to them. I will fight for my life because I know that thanks to my Lord God, to all your support, and to all the great love of my people is that I am made of iron and I have a warrior's heart, and I will succeed in defeating the evil that awaits me.

Here is how you can help. Aguilera has created a Go Fund Me page to help him with his bills. You can get to the Go Fund Me page by CLICKING HERE. The medication he needs costs a whopping $12,500 a month. Yeah, you read that right. A MONTH.

He needs a rather aggressive treatment and the program that he was enrolled in won't cover that particular treatment. Aguilera spoke about the treatment and the possibility of enrolling in another program.

I was going to be enrolled in another program that would take anywhere from 4+ weeks so, as we know, stage 4 cancer doesn't wait.

Any amount can help. Please, head on over to the Go Fund Me Page by CLICKING HERE and donate what you can.

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