Tom Buchino, "boss" at the Tactical Ranch was invited to appear on the Discovery Channel's  "Sons Of Guns"!

Tom shows up in the season finale of Sons Of Guns demonstrating how tough the AR-15 is!  After dragging it through the dirt,stomping on it and giving it a bath; Tom demonstrates how well the AR still functions by blowing up an RV with it!!

Tom, I'm sold ... I WANT ONE!!

Click here to see the segment!

I went for advanced firearms training at Tactical Ranch last year and had a blast!  Tom, Ozzie, Valerie and the T. R., staff totally know their sh**!!!!!!!  (On top of their firearms expertice and knowledge; Tom and Ozzi are both former Special Forces!  They bring a "real world" knowledge to the classes you won't find anywhere else!)  The Tactical Ranch handgun courses will teach you everything you need to know about safely handling a handgun. 

The advanced training ... that's where it gets FUN!  Educational of course ... that's the whole point ... but trust me, you'll never have this much fun at "school" again!

Check out the video below from my visit to Tactical Ranch!! 

If you're interested in learning about handguns, applying for a concealed carry license or just want to make yourself more proficient with your weapon, contact Tactical Ranch!!  You'll love it and you'll learn sooo much!!

Contact Valerie at 915-855-8056 or by email. You can also find them online at  or on facebook!!