The weather is getting chilly and we're about to be fighting the flu season. The City of El Paso wants to help residents prepare by offering flu shots to the community. The City of El Paso started the "Be PowerFlu" campaign to encourage El Pasoans to get their flu shot before the winter flu season. Currently, El Paso hospitals are overcapacity and health officials are begging the community to wear masks and stay at home as much as possible.

Today alone, the Department of Public Health announced over 1,550 new positive covid cases and there were additional 83 cases from earlier weeks. There are currently almost 34,000 active covid cases in El Paso County right now. The covid situation in the borderland continues to get worse, and many need to take extra steps to make sure they are being as careful as possible to stay healthy during the pandemic.

While the flu shot can't protect you against covid-19, according to the CDC, there are benefits to getting the shot. Flu vaccines can help reduce your risk of becoming sick, being hospitalized, and even death. By taking the step of getting the flu vaccine you could help save healthcare resources for hospital patients with and without COVID-19. The El Paso Department of Public Health has purchased over 133,000 immunizations and are prepared to give them out to the public.

This Saturday, November 21st from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the El Paso Zoo you can get a free flu shot from the City of El Paso. You will also receive a free mask and sticker with your flu shot. There will be mascots on-site, free PowerFlu stickers, prizes you can be entered to win, and more. The El Paso Zoo is located at 4100 East Paisano Drive.

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