We may be a little late to the party, but dammit, we're here and this video is hilarious. First off, I just want to thank FitFamEP for bringing this video to light. I have not stopped watching this video since it debuted on the local Instagram page. The video shows El Pasoan Karina Wilson using a filter while she's in her car talking about something that I'm sure has happened to many. Originally posted on Facebook by Bruce Romo, check it out below: (Watch out, she does drop a few "F" bombs!)


Karina later took to Facebook to say:

"...Here’s a little something from yours truly to lighten up your day. I was driving home from work and killed two pigeons. I cried all the way from airway to fabens 😂😂😂 
It’s been a hellacious week for our Town. Hopefully this has put a smile on your face"

As someone who has been in a car when pigeons have been run over, I can confirm that they do indeed pop! It sounds so awful! The video on Facebook has 1.4 million views and over 70,000 on FitFamEp. It's been shared by so many that it has now officially been remixed:

The video came a few days after the shooting in El Paso on August third, and it was definitely the laugh we all needed. So, thank you, Karina, you definitely put a smile on so many faces!

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