El Paso has always been a home for many cultures from all over the world. El Paso will also be home in hosting a huge celebration to the Indian culture in October; a celebration of Ratha Yatra.

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If you're wondering, "what is Ratha Yatra?"; it's one of India's oldest & most sacred holidays taken from the words "ratha" meaning chariot, or carriage, & "yatra" meaning journey, or pilgrimage. It's a huge celebration of the Hindu culture that is observed by taking an image of a deity through the streets in a chariot. These celebrations have been going on for CENTURIES all over the world. If you want to see what one of these celebrations looks like, here's an example:

This will be the first time El Paso holds a Rathayatra festival that's fittingly called "The Festival of Chariots". The parade will kick off at 12 noon on October 2nd, located at 401 E Main St, across from the Hotel Indigo. The parade will keep going to the San Jacinto Plaza & then come back to its original spot at 2pm.

Afterwards there will be a celebration with plenty of Indian food you can enjoy for free (including a vegetarian feast), booths & gift shops, plenty of activities like yoga & meditation & there will be music by the kirtan band The Mayapuris as well as theater performances from the Preme Collective .

You can find out more about the Festival of Chariots on their website, on Instagram, and you can find the event page on Facebook.

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