I'm not saying everyone was perfectly behaved but, it doesn't look like anyone wiped out.

Unless some people bumped into each other and decided to keep it to themselves, the El Paso Police Department says that there were no car accidents on New Year's Eve.  I'm pretty sure that's a first for our area.

The El Paso Police Department had an extra heavy presence on El Paso streets this year and made several DWI arrests which they say potentially prevented accidents, injury and/or death. This is not an official tally but, according to the city website, there were 17 DWI arrests December 31st and January 1st.

Some of the arrests also included "open container" charges and a few of the DWI charges, sadly, were listed as being the persons' second offense while others were listed as "third or more":

That number seems lower than usual as well. No wrecks though!

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