El Paso, known for its culture, food, heritage....and cuss words. Do you think we are one of the rudest cities?


Foursquare just compiled a new list of the top 20 rudest cities in the world. They based their findings on the percentage of cuss words used in check ins. They also only looked at English speaking countries and cities that had over a thousand check ins. From this list, we have learned that only 2 countries, other than the United States are on this list, and Californians love their F bombs.

California really stepped up to the plate with 7 cities showing up in the top 20. Why is this? I was trying to figure out why and discussing it with friend who lives in L.A. and over the course of ONE SENTENCE in the conversation she threw 4 F bombs. Her real response was that it is a mixture of different things: more people, more traffic, more pot being smoked. She may be onto something with the traffic thing though. While you spend not too much time in traffic here going from the West side to the East side, in California, you could easily spend at least an hour and a half just traveling to some place. Not even including the drive home.

The number one rudest city in the world is Manchester, U.K. I tried to research more into why this city was so high on the list and if they really do cuss that much, but my Google search simply told me more about their obsession with soccer so I simply gave up.

Number two was our very own El Paso, Texas. Why were we ranked so high on this list? Apparently, we like to cuss. Think about it, how many statuses and tweets do you put up that include at least one curse word? For me, at least one a day, usually more than that.

I think this list should include more countries too, I expect France would be ranking pretty high up if they were represented. Mexico would be representing too.

Here is the list of the top rudest English speaking cities:

The top 20 rudest cities are:
1. Manchester, U.K.
2. El Paso, Texas
3. Pittsburgh, Pa.
4. Bloomington, Ind.
5. Riverside, Ca.
6. Tempe, Ariz.
7. Scottsdale, Ariz.
8. Portland, Oregon
9. Venice, Ca.
10. Orange, Ca.
11. San Jose, Ca.
12. Boca Raton, Fla.
13. Culver City, Ca.
14. Fullerton, Ca.
15. Los Angeles, Ca.
16. Melbourne, Australia
17. Staten Island, N.Y.
18. Miami, Fla.
19. Boston, Ma.
20. Jacksonville, Fla.

You can read more about this list at Business Insider.

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