Our beloved Sun City is grieving after the tragic event that took place on August 3rd. As a proud El Pasoan, the news shocked and devastated me. I had just gotten back from a vacation trip to Las Vegas- who also experienced their own mass shooting nearly two years ago. Ironically, while on vacation, I noticed signs everywhere that read "Vegas Strong" and thought to myself: "How sad," without realizing that just a few days later I'd have to be using that phrase to describe the city of the 915.

Now that we're in the aftermath, trying to put our lives back together, El Paso has come together, united more than ever. The proof is in the vigils held, the donations made, the flowers left at the memorials. I'm extremely proud of how our city has united and how we've lifted each other up despite this tragedy. And in times when we're all feeling low, let's look back on this and remember how strong our city came out, and revel in these beautiful videos that highlight exactly how #ElPasoStrong we are.

When you're feeling lost, look towards the Star on the mountain, and you'll "find your location."

When someone asks you why you are the way you are, just tell them: "It's an El Paso Thing."

When someone asks you if it's scary to be living in a border town, just tell them the "Truth about El Paso."

When you stop to think about it, you'll realize exactly how the city of the 915 has grown:

When it seems like it's going to take awhile, remember all the great landmarks that make you "Happy" about El Paso:

And when naysayers try to bring our city down, and you're finding it hard to see eye to eye, just remember, "this is the border", and it's beautiful the way it is.

Big shout out to Devin Cuevas, The Mamuchos on YouTube and Khayla Jordan Golucke for these amazing videos about our amazing city. #ElPasoStrong.

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