Texas is loaded with haunted places and El Paso has got way more than its fair share of spooky spots.

El Paso, downtown El Paso in particular, has seen plenty of ghost fuel thanks to extreme weather events, plagues, violence and other causes of untimely death.

A spot known by most for entertaining people has also got a way of scaring the you know what out of 'em.

A list of the 5 most haunted spots in Texas included a building downtown, pretty much in the most haunted area of the city. An area that was particularly known for gunfights back in the days when the wild west was crazier than wild.

Located just up El Paso Street, not far from the site of the infamous 4 dead in 5 gunfight, quietly sits the Plaza Theater. The theater was originally built in 1930 and from then until 1987, saw generations of El Pasoans come through its doors.

Not all who entered The Plaza left. Someone even seems to have crashed this video.

I've been in The Plaza late at night, after concerts and other events had ended and, when you're alone in their, wandering the halls and backstage area, it absolutely does feel creepy. I never saw any actual "events" but I've always felt watched in those back areas and once thought I heard my name.

Doesn't seem I'm the only one either as Texas Highways named The Plaza one of 5 most haunted spots in the entire state of Texas.

Apparitions including orbs, lights, and shadows; physical manipulations like electrical components switching on without power, objects moving independently, and sounds without sources; and manifestations such as stimulation by touch, smell, and temperature have all endured, transgressing the barrier between the spiritual and the material worlds again and again. - Tx Highways

Years of poor treatment and other damaging factors caused it to be shut down in '87. You can't keep a grand old theater down though and it was fully restored and reopened in 2006.

To this day, she continues to invite, entertain ... and spook ... audiences. The next time you're there, keep your eyes open. You may very well see something.

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