The slogan "You Better El Paso Up" is the official way to promote El Paso, Texas. El Paso became official with the "You Better El Paso Up" tourism slogan on May 3, 2015. Our slogan is meant to grab the attention of travelers between 26 - 55 years of age. I tripped out when I overheard an actual debate about El Paso's tourism slogan. Personally, I don't seem to have a problem with "You Better El Paso Up" but also like a few others.  Commercials that introduced El Paso to national viewers used different slogans during the Hyundai Sun Bowl game in 2010. In 2010, we didn't have an official slogan for our Borderland city then. It took until early May of 2015 to make "You Better El Paso Up" our official slogan to attract Gen X and Millenial travelers.

They used a few slogans to promote El Paso during the national televised Hyundai Sun Bowl game. Some of those slogans were:

  • "El Paso, Texas, Capital of the Border"
  • "El Paso: You Have No Idea"
  • "Doing Texas Different"
  • "El Paso: Mountains of Opportunity"

I really gravitated towards the "El Paso: Mountains of Opportunity" slogan to represent El Paso. That was my favorite of them all and preferred it more than our current slogan now. Visit El Paso also used a fifteen-second video displaying our slogan with a chihuahua wearing a luchador mask (see above). I am curious how you feel about our tourism slogan that is supposed to pull in outside travelers to El Paso. If El Paso were to make a change with our slogan, which would you prefer? Place your favorite slogan in the poll below.

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