You would think the designers took everything into account. Right??

El Paso's streetcars aren't even up and running yet and we've had problems:

Now, according to, they may not be able to climb Stanton Streets steep incline.

Yep, if it stops between Cathedral High School and Stantons' crest, it may not be able to get going again. No one checked to make sure this thing had the nadz to climb the hill??  Apparently not so, it will have to stop near Cathedral and wait until the operator has, (or at least thinks he has), a clear shot all the way up.

If he stops along the way, he'll get stuck until something that CAN climb the hill tows or pushes him along.  Or, I guess, he could release the brakes, roll back down to the bottom and take another shot at it. Wet or icy tracks will call for the driver to pour sand on the tracks.


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