Lately, it seems like the far Eastside of town has been growing like crazy. Luckily, the Westside has also been growing with all sorts of businesses popping up all around. Just recently Eastlake Marketplace had announced the long overdue news about getting a Starbucks.

Plus, that part of town in the far East now has an Alamo Drafthouse. Now Eastsiders don't have to drive all the way to the Montecillo location. But yesterday, avid rock climbers saw the best news of their lives.

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This means rock-climbing enthusiasts who live anywhere but the Westside will have to make the drive. On July 22 Sessions Climbing and Fitness announced their newest location that will be opening next year. So rock-climbing enthusiasts get your rock-climbing gear ready for next year.

Sessions Climbing and Fitness plans to bring the outdoor activity indoors to the Westside of El Paso. Rock-climbers are rejoicing about Sessions Climbing and Fitness location opening at 1775 Cimarron Rialto Place. They're guesstimating that this new workout joint should be completed by 2022.

But we can't forget the real OG of rock climbing places in El Paso, Texas, which is Cave. So if you think the upcoming rock-climbing spot is too far, you can always rock climb at Cave. So Cave is located at 113 Executive Center which is still West but not as far.

Although this new gym won't be coming around until 2022, you still have time to practice at the other spot. It's nice to see El Paso, Texas gaining new attractions that let you have fun while getting a workout in.

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