There are some movies you see that will tempt you to try something new.

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One of those things you might be interested in is rock climbing, which can be intense. Luckily, if you would first like to train yourself to rock climb, there are places you can do so in El Paso.

Sure, there are some spots in the Franklin Mountains but first, you should try some practice attempts in a safe space.

So, don't expect to start practicing your rock climbing skills in nature. Instead, go somewhere the professionals can help and show you what you need to work on.

Some locals have been visiting an OG (original gangster) spot to practice their rock climbing moves. The OG spot I am referring to is Cave Climbing off Executive Center on the Westside. But that isn't the only spot you can rock climb in El Paso anymore.

There is a new spot that is open as of today but for early bird members only. In fact, I had actually mentioned this new spot opening last year.

Sessions Climbing will be officially open to the public on August 26. But as you see from their Instagram they're ready for business.

The new rock climbing spot is also on the Westside that will have tasty drinks and youth programs. Now El Paso has different spots to help you work on your rock climbing skills.

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