You never think you're gonna need a plumber until know what, hits the fan (Hopefully not literally...). You never know when you're going to need someone to fix your toliet or sink until it's broke, or when your own fix-it-up doesn't work (I'd know because that's happened to me over the weekend).

Of course you can call Roto Rooter or National Wholesale Supply for help but there are many local businesses ready to help.

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Robin Gentry

Jeff's Westside Plumbing

Helping El Paso for the last 3 decades, Jeff's Westside Plumbing is located on 4040 Doniphan Dr.

New Age Plumbing

New Age Plumbing has been serving El Paso for 15 years; they can be found just off of McKinley Ave at 4006 Mountain Ave.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Rocky's Plumbing

Located in Segundo Barrio, Rocky's Plumbing is found at 1304 East 6th Ave; near Bowie Bakery.

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Google Maps

Plumbers Drain Cleaners

Located in Far East El Paso, you can reach Plumbers Drain Cleaners by calling their number 915-274-9850.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

You can find & ask for Mr. Rooter on 7310 North Loop Dr.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Reliable Plumbing

Found just off of E Paisano Dr, you can locate Reliable Plumbing at 5423 Dailey Ave.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Oasis Plumbing

Located down the street from Marty Robbins Park, Oasis Plumbing is located at 1613 Phil Gibbs Dr.

TYJ Plumbing

You'll find TYJ Plumbing just off of Montwood at 1824 Shreya Street.

Other buisnesses you can contact (some have addresses online, some done are:

  • Union Plumbing can be found by calling 915-422-5292.
  • Sharp has been serving El Paso since 1982; you can find them located at 3733 Shell St. Suite A. El Paso, TX 79925.
  • Rodela & Sons Plumbing can be reached at 915-803-6481.

So next time you've had "crappy" luck finding a plumber, now you have a little assistance on who to contact.

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