One very, very cool thing about El Paso is all the great off-roading that can be done around here.

From "The Wall" in the Upper Valley to Red Sands in far east El Paso or way out north, towards Chaparral; there are loads of places to have some "dirty" fun around here.

There are also several, online groups devoted to the sport/hobby that off-roading is. Pages like El Paso Off Road Woops and Dusty Trails 4x4 of Southern New Mexico. For a few more, national groups, click here.

Organized desert romps are a lot of fun but it's also pretty cool to just take off by yourself or with just a couple of friends. If you go it alone, make sure someone knows where you will be and when you expect to be back ... things happen out there in the wild.

Here are a few, local "Desert Dogs" with or in their toys. There's a future Dog in here as well as a couple of action shots. There's also a takeoff and a landing, check out the gallery.

El Paso Off-Roading Toys

In short, there is a lot of open country around here an d a lot of fun to be had in it.

For more info on places to put your 4x4, dirt bike, ATV or whatever else you may have through its paces; click here and/or here.

One thing is for sure ... off - roaders around the Borderland know how to have a good time and they have PLENTY of space to do it in.

El Paso Bikers Love To Show Off Their Awesome Motorcycles

El Paso Bikers Showing Off Their Motorcycles

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