El Paso's nurses and medical staff are every day heroes but during the COVID-19 pandemic, people now more than ever appreciating them the hard work they do. Some people are complaining how bored they are but really think about how lucky you are. You are not risking your life like these heroes do almost everyday of their lives.

One of these heroes, Christy Granillo decided to have some fun on TikTok to highlight her fellow nurses. She the shared the video on Instagram, which is how I found it. I was in awe of the gorgeousness of these hardworking nurses. Christy and her fellow nurses made a fun video highlighting how they work hard, play hard and are grateful for their friendship.

Seriously, these girls clean up good! I need them to not only help medically but I need help with some makeup skills.

If you can, please make sure to show your support local heroes by doing what you can to keep them safe, so stay home!

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