We made the top 10 .... hell, we cracked the top 3 .... on this list!No smarty pants, the other cities weren't located in Russia, the middle east or Detroit.  The "Top 10 cities in America in which to raise a family" list, compiled by Movoto, is out and El Chuco is numero tres!

San Antonio (10) and Austin (8) also made the list as did Duke Keith's hometown of Albuquerque. (5)

Movoto said they:

surveyed the 50 most populous cities in the country based on seven criteria. As with our previous top 10 pieces, we ranked each city from 1 to 50 for each criterion, with 1 being the best score. We then took the average rank across the criteria. The city with the lowest average score—in this case Omaha, NE—was crowned the winner.

The criteria they used were:

  • Cost of living
  • Public schools rank
  • Park space
  • Home ownership
  • Crimes per capita
  • Unemployment
  • Commute Time