You may have heard of him. John?  John Moyer?  From Adrenaline Mob ... and DISTURBED!?!?

John hasn't taken Disturbeds recent "vacation" as a chance to chill and rest up.  He's been busy as hell!  Not only working with Adrenaline Mob but also running a music school ... wait, schools!

John has been involved with Natural Ear Music School since 1999 and ... even when touring all over the world ... has always found time to get back there and teach at the Austin school that he also owns! (The San Antonio location is set to open this summer!)  John says;

I have always loved teaching and I am amazed by the talent of today's youth… especially in Austin"

(His ability to teach must come from his Mom; a wonderful woman whom I've had the pleasure of hanging with several times as she still lives here in the El Paso area! Who I believe was also a teacher and is still a TOTAL rocker!) 

Natural Ear Music School sounds like a pretty cool place!  They teach kids to play but not in a traditionally structured setting.  In short, they make it fun!!  Read more at

Congrats to an El Pasoan who truly rocks ... on stage and off!!  There's no telling what will be happening in rock in the years to come; but I think it's a safe bet that John and his staff  will have had a hand in shaping it!

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