The rest of Texas is beginning Phase 2 of reopening the state but El Paso is delayed a week. Mayor Dee Margo called into the Buzz Adams Morning Show on Thursday, May 22nd to discuss why the Sun City has been delayed a week and to discuss the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The City of El Paso has seen a continued rise in COVID-19 cases, with another triple-digit spike being recorded this morning. The additional 114 COVID-19 cases brings the city's total to 2,160 cases. There have also been 58 El Pasoans who have lost their lives due to COVID-19. While some believe these staggering numbers should justify another stay-at-home order, the city is preparing to begin Phase 2 of the reopening process next week. Here are some of the highlights of our discussion with El paso Mayor Dee Margo.

When we discussed the high number of cases we are seeing currently, El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said he spoke with El Paso County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza to find out why. The mayor explained the city's top doctor believes the high number of cases are a direct result of family gathering Mother's Day weekend.

The mayor was also asked if the number of cases in El Paso continues to climb, will the city get delayed from starting Phase 2 again:

"I do not think so. I don't think we could stand it much longer, frankly. The judge and I thought this one week delay would give us a chance to look at Mother's Day impact, and potentially some of Memorial Day."

The mayor also discussed the issues that come from being out of work, that aren't just financial:

"We just can't continue (this) way. The mental health issues, are significant. I'm hearing stories right and left and it's not just third party anecdotal stories. It's real people having real problems. And frankly, if you've never been out of work, or never been in a family that's out of work, you just don't understand it."

The mayor did have some final advice for people who are looking to gather for the Memorial Day weekend:

"If people could just, stop group hugging and shaking hands and the family gatherings where we take our masks off and we think we're okay with family. And it spreads."

It looks like the city will be reopening next Friday, or at least Phase 2 will be beginning. If you do plan to get together with friends or family this weekend, please remember to social distance and wear your mask when possible.

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo
El Paso Mayor Dee Margo

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