This update comes straight from KVIA:

UPDATE: Authorities said Thursday that the massage parlor raids a day prior stemmed from a long-term investigation into human trafficking that remains ongoing.

DPS officials indicated they had "served 13 search warrants at several massage parlors in the El Paso area."

They added that those searched "resulted in 25 interviews and recovered evidence that supports the offenses of human trafficking (and) prostitution."

Because the probe continues, officials declined further comment.

Not much is known about this story at this point, but we do know that federal and state agents raided a bunch of massage parlors in El Paso. 

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety indicated that agents with DPS, the FBI and U.S. Homeland Security were "serving multiple search warrants at various locations in the El Paso area," but declined to elaborate further citing an ongoing investigation.

We are expecting more details to be released at some point today. At least, that's what the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

For now we can talk about one of the bigger massage parlor bust stories of the past decade, and that would be Patriot's owner Robert Kraft getting busted. But did you ever think a guy like that was going to do jail time? Or even pay a fine? Of course not. The latest we had heard about this story was that the video law enforcement shot at the locations was not going to be allowed in court. This not only helped out Robert Kraft, but any other person that got busted at one of those locations. 

This obviously became very detrimental to the prosecutors case because their evidence was being thrown out the window. We always see TV shows or movies where the law enforcement knows someone did something and not only do they have to get the proper evidence to prove it, but they also have to collect that evidence within the confines of the law. I doubt the law enforcement that was involved in the Robert Kraft bust didn't do their due diligence and they still had their evidence tossed out.

We'll update this El Paso story as we get more information.

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