Nothing compliments the perfect hike the way gloomy weather in El Paso can. Just last week El Paso had a cold front come through meaning the sun was on a mini-vacation. Normally most people (like me) prefer to stay under the covers during gloomy and overcast weather in El Paso. But apparently, the best time to enjoy a good hike in El Paso would be during the kind of weather I like to stay in during.

I haven't seen so many people share so many hiking adventures when the sun isn't out. But I will admit some pictures I did come across on Facebook had me intrigued. Besides summertime, I have also always had a love for gloomy weather simply for those Sleepy Hollow feels.

After seeing all the lovely images from different hikers left and right changed my perspective a bit. When I came across Stephen Harkness's hiking pictures from Mundy's Gap, I was amazed. I never thought I would be able to say I could feel a picture.

Looking at the pictures especially the one on the bench just a few steps away from the fog looks so serene. I can't help but look forward to El Paso having another gloomy day just so I can take in the beauty of a hike like Stephen's. If you've hiked in El Paso during the summer you know hiking in gloomy weather isn't as excruciating. It's images like this that you can picture yourself on that bench (in the photo) relaxing while listening to music.

Do you also have a strong love for hikes during gloomy weather? Or do you just have a strong love for the gloomy weather period? Well, either way, feel free to share your opinion in the poll below.

Sleepy Hollow Vibes Hike

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