The summer heat is starting up in the Sun City and we all know that it can get brutal; especially if you're working outside.

This time of year must be especially hard for mail carriers! However, no matter how hot it is out there, they're working to ensure that our mail and important packages get delivered. And, no matter how hot it is out there, they don't hesitate to help out those in their community.

Trinity Nguyen via Unsplash
Trinity Nguyen via Unsplash

Which is exactly what happened when this Reddit user stumbled upon a mail carrier helping out a mom and son in the middle of his route. Posted on the r/HumansBeingBros subreddit, user u/debbie-g captured this awesome moment.

How awesome is this guy? The original poster didn't capture the moments leading up to this, but I'm sure that the mailman didn't hesitate to help out.

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The video has garnered over 800 comments (a lot mainly consisting of people who used to live in El Paso) and it has earned a "faith in humanity restored" award. On the day this video was posted, El Paso was pushing 91 degrees and many were concerned at the amount of layers the mail carrier was wearing!

I have to admit, when I see our mail carrier in layers like that on a hot day, I too worry! However, many in the comments assured that wearing light layers not only keeps them cool, but it protects them from the sun.

While the video has gotten so much attention on Reddit, I'm amazed it hasn't been featured more elsewhere. Either way, I'm glad that this good act of humanity was captured, but it shouldn't surprise us, El Paso has lots of good people! Next time you see your mail carrier, offer them a cool drink!

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