During the pandemic, many children have been missing out on going to the library to enjoy some of their fun activities like storytime and craft projects. The team at the El Paso Public Library doesn't want kids to miss out on these fun activities so they are working hard to come up with new ways kids can enjoy all the great things public libraries have to offer.

The El Paso Public Library system is offering Easter take-home craft kits you and your family can enjoy. These craft kits include:

  • egg cutouts to decorate with colored tissue paper
  • paper bunnies to decorate

You can check out the video below to see how to put together your crafts. These Easter craft kits are available this week at all curbside library locations and the bookmobile. The El Paso library locations and hours are:

  • Curbside Service
    • Richard Burges (10 am - 6 pm, Monday and Thursday)
      • Located at 9600 Dyer Street
    • Irving Schwartz (10 am - 6 pm, Tuesday and Thursday)
      • Located at 1865 Dean Martin
    • Dorris Van Doren (10 am - 6 pm, Wednesday and Friday)
      • Located at 551 Redd Road
  • Bookmobile Curbside Service
    • Memorial Park (2 pm - 6 pm on Tuesday)
      • Located at 3200 Copper
    • Clardy Fox (2 pm - 6 pm on Wednesday)
      • Located at 5515 Robert Alva
    • Sergio Troncoso (2 pm - 6 pm on Thursday)
      • Located at 9321 Alameda
    • Armijo (11 am - 4 pm  on Friday)
      • Located at 620 East 7th Street
    • Judge Marquez (11 am - 4 pm on Saturday)
      • Located at 610 North Yarborough
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