An El Paso man is in a little hot water over his services as an early warning device!

Have you ever warned another driver about a speed trap?  You know the drill ... you see a cop on the side of the road so you flash your lights at oncoming drivers a time or two and save them (maybe) a ticket.  If you do any more than that though, you may upset the cop!!

According to Jose Louis Escobar, he was actually arrested over his friendly "heads-up".  Read the full story at

Ok, poll time!!  Awhile back, another guy took a little heat because he put up a sign on his property warning drivers of a speed trap.  Is there a line you can't cross as far as warning others about speed traps??  Anything, short of endangering yourself or others, that you can't do to help a fellow traveler avoid a ticket??  What do you think??