San Antonioans are getting a little bit of El Paso flavor with a restaurant that's serving up some El Paso favorites.

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According to @the_chuco_life on Instagram, an El Paso native has opened up a restaurant in San Antonio and, of course, they are serving up some 915 inspired eats.

According to @the_chuco_life,Sabor De Mexico is owned by Jesus Mora, who is a fellow Parkland graduate (go, Matadors!) and who graciously hosted them as they chatted about the inspiration to each item.

Sabor de Mexico specialize in Juarez style burritos, menudo con pan (because apparently elsewhere they eat it with tortillas!), chile rellenos and, of course, the special secret menu item - Chuco Style Tacos/Flautas (we all know what that means!).


They emphasize that the green salsa is a must try and Mora says he gets lots of feed back on the food from El Paso Natives who are constantly helping him tweak his recipes. While perusing through Sabor De Mexico's Instagram page, I found some drool worthy items like the enchiladas montadas, which we all know HAVE to have that fried egg on top!

And something else on the menu, that I'm actually starting to see become quite popular, is the menudo ramen!

And it wouldn't be a complete taste of home without some sopita, which apparently Sabor De Mexico offers free of charge on Fridays!

I know that I've mentioned before that I've never been anywhere in Texas, but I know for sure if I ever make my way to San Antonio this will be a must stop on my trip!

To find out more about Sabor de Mexico, located off Austin Hwy, check out their Instagram page.

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