There are local hockey fans that are rocking a huge smile on their faces. Some lucky people had the opportunity to stand and pose for a picture with the Stanley Cup. I noticed my newsfeed on Facebook had different friends posing with the Stanley Cup.

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We all remember that time of the year voting was going on which is what made this moment possible. Shoot, I remember that time as if it were only yesterday. I made sure to place my votes for El Paso through my cell, desktop, and laptop.

Hell just for voting that time of the year I even won a cute prize for tweeting about it. On Sunday evening August 30, 2020, during the Flyers and Islanders game El Paso was announced as the 2020 Kraft Hockeyville USA winner. Well, all that voting has finally paid off as you're aware the Stanley Cup arrived in El Paso last week.

Oh, and you better believe all sorts of locals made sure to pay the Stanley Cup a visit. Because it's not every day something big like this happens in El Paso. You can check out the conversation between Phil Pritchard (the keeper of the Stanley Cup) and Abc 7's Nate Ryan below.

The El Paso County Events Center will be hosting the NHL preseason game Sunday. The teams that will be playing at the El Paso County Events Center are The Dallas Stars vs. Arizona Coyotes. KROD 600 ESPN was there to catch the action as Stanley Cup was presented to the public last week, see the video below. Hopefully, you were also able to get a picture with Stanley Cup like other hockey fans.

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